Our Services


Basic installation of new sectional tanks, GRP and steel, accounts for 90% of our business. The majority of this is in the UK whereas most of our supervision work is overseas. We offer a 12 month guarantee on our installation work as long as the tank is filled and in use within the manufacturers specified time limit which is normally 10-14 days from completion of the install. Any tanks, especially large tanks, that are not going to be filled within this time frame should be re torqued prior to filling. This is usually just a one day job depending on the size of the tank obviously.


If you have a tank that is no longer required we can dismantle it and remove it from site.

Full Service:

We offer a full tank replacement service to include the removal of the old tank, install of the new tank and reconnection to existing pipe work. Alterations to pipe work can also be carried out to suit the dimensions of the new tank if this has altered or changes are required to comply with the latest water regulations. We are also able to undertake disinfection of your new water tank in accordance with ACOP L8.


All tanks should be inspected on a regular basis, at least every twelve months, and when necessary cleaned and disinfected. As sectional tanks are our field of expertise we are ideally suited to undertake inspections and the cleaning and disinfection. We can offer a full report on the condition of the tank and can recommend any remedial works required. This can be undertaken whilst we are doing the cleaning work. A lot of companies cause minor damage to the tank seals during cleaning resulting in minor weeps when the tank is refilled. This usually results in companies such as ours being called out to repair them. We will automatically fix any weeps on the tank, resulting from the tank clean, as part of our scope of works.


Panel replacement, connection repairs/replacement, resealing etc whatever you require we are in a position to help. We will not waste your money by doing expensive repairs if we feel the general condition of the tank doesn’t warrant it and a replacement would be a more cost effective solution.


With over 60 years experience we can advise on the right size tank for your requirements either in terms of capacity or available space. Often oversized tanks are bought and installed which are not justified by the water usage. This increases the likelihood of a rise in the water temperature which increases the likelihood of legionella.